Online Laboratory tasks

Buyers are advised to buy their laboratory screening tasks through the website. Placing an order is
easy and customers are required to follow the prompt as indicated on the site. After placing your
order, Rapid Screening LLC will send you a confirmation email and the total amount of the
laboratory tasks that will be debited from your debit or credit card. Terms of sales policy.


Rapid Screening LLC accepts payments for the laboratory tasks made through the following
methods: Debit/Credit Card. The company accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and
Discover. The customers who provide Rapid Screening LLC with details of their payment card and
submitting the order, confirms that you are the real owner of the debit/credit card that is being used.
Furthermore, you authorize Rapid Screening LLC to make deductions to the full price of the order
that you placed. Rapid Screening LLC is not liable to any delay in tests or tests results or nondelivery of your test results if it is issuer of your payment card refuses to authorize payment.


Rapid Screening LLC promptly schedule your test once it is paid. Furthermore, the test results will
be made to the customer in various secure format. Therefore, customers are requested to ensure
they provide the right information because the company will not be liable for any lost test results due
to the negligence of the customer.


Customers may cancel their screening tests tasks any time prior to visiting the test location and
specimen being taken. Unfortunately, the nature of the products does not allow returns ONCE THE
SPECIMEN TAKEN or rapid screening completed . Therefore, Rapid Screening LLC is unable to
accept any cancellation after specimen taken and completion of your screening location visit.

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