Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule Our Promise
At Rapid Screening LLC, we are dedicated into ensuring that your personal information is secure.
Therefore, we operate under all the state and federal laws that regulate medical privacy to avoid
leakages and data breaches, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
(HIPAA) Privacy Rule. We ensure cyber-security by encrypting your data with industry standard 128-
bit encryption, the process ensures that we protect all our website user from data breaches and
leakages of confidential information while using our site. HIPPA Compliance Policy.


The HIPAA Act of 1996 is meant to protect your details and information from unsolicited access,
abuse, and healthcare fraud. Furthermore, the HIPAA Act ensures your privacy by granting you the
power to decide on who can access your health information at a given period of time. At Rapid
Screening LLC, we comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule as part of our pledge to keep your information
secure and safe from data breaches.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Rapid Screening LLC respects your privacy and does not share your information with third parties
upon purchasing any of the company’s testing. The encryption of your data, adhering to HIPAA, and
not permanently storing your vital and sensitive information ensures that Rapid Screening LLC
respects the non-disclosure agreement between the patient and medical provider. Rapid Screening
LLC Does not Accept Health Insurance However, we accept all the other forms of payments
including and not limited to credit and debit cards.

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online process. We accept both questions and feedback.